Cleaning Services

Maintaining the Value of Your Real Estate

Rationally speaking, cleaning services ensure cleanliness. Emotionally speaking, they ensure that visitors feel comfortable. Our portfolio includes the whole range of professional cleaning services. We develop an individual concept according to the needs of each client and orient our services meticulously on individual requirements. Services achieve not only high levels of quality but also best possible cost efficacy.

We ensure that the products and cleaning machinery used are easy on surface materials and environmentally compatible. Where existing products to not come up to the standards applied, we develop new products together with our supplies. The result is innovative cleaning services which play a significant role in maintaining the value of your property.

For each building we create an individual cleaning concept. We prepare the documentation necessary to conform to contractual specification, to achieve optimum quality and to ensure communication with the client. Cleaning work is carried out by professionally trained staff. Our success is based on proven processes, experienced employees and an individual approach to each client’s needs.

You can benefit from our extensive experience. We would be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our cleaning services, call us or write us an email.

An Overview of Our Services:

  • Hygienic cleaning of medical facilities, hospitals, and homes for the elderly including the disposal of household and hazardous waste
  • Complex cleaning of hotels and spa facilities
  • Cleaning of office buildings
  • Cleaning of industrial buildings and sites
  • Tidying and cleaning of grounds including gardening
  • Provision of sanitary and paper supplies
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Ice and snow removal in winter
  • Specialist cleaning services e.g. laying of polymer, crystallization of marble, carpet deep cleaning, window and façade cleaning.
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Only When Necessary

Result-Oriented Cleaning

An efficient cleaning system: you determine the results you require – we do what is necessary to achieve them. Our specially trained personnel monitor areas and decide on the spot what needs to be cleaned. 

Meticulous and Reliable

Hygiene Cleaning

Our concept for hygiene cleaning,360° Hygiene, offers hospitals and other medical facilities reliable hygiene using an individual cleaning and disinfection plan prepared in cooperation with the client.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable Cleaning

In our cleaning operations, biodegradable products are used. Additional measures include concentrated products to reduce packaging and transport, hygiene paper which carries the FSC seal, washing and cleaning machines which save water, detergent and energy and regional proximity to our suppliers.